It Got Cold - We Made Fulton Fulls

January 20, 2016

Winter is here to stay in New York City (and in many other cities across the country and abroad).

At WOLACO, we are under no gung-ho illusions about just how cold it is and will continue to get.

We’re in the dead, frozen-ass, side-wind-whipping-you-in-the-face-on-a-lonely-Tuesday-night, center of a heartless winter.  This time of year can suck. We know it. You know it. Everyone knows it.

Fortunately, we prepared for it. As much as we could, at least.

Many men, we know, have taken their workouts indoors this winter. They've found comfort from the cold inside the warm, cozy, pop music friendly confines of fitness centers, where they will remain in well-heated hibernation until some sunny day in late April arrives...(most likely wearing runner's armbands and not going all the way down on their bench press).

If you are one of these men, no judgement. Please feel free to stop reading here, momma's boy.

Also, feel free to go full extension on those pull-ups. It's called a full-hang, ever heard of it? We don't care what your workout buddy says, it's not a forearm exercise.

What'd you say? That's what we thought.

If you intend to be a man this winter, we invite you to keep reading.

That’s right, Robin Hood. We made manly tights with sweat-proof pockets for real men like you. Because we think real men work out outside, regardless of the season. And when it’s this cold, you shouldn’t have to worry about your smartphone or your loot.

This winter, we bring you: The Fulton Full, a fresh rendition of the original North Moore Short. A full length compression pant with two sweat-proof pockets designed to store your stuff.


Built for the year-round modern athlete. The guy who works out outside during all seasons. The guy who always goes all the way down on his bench press and isn’t afraid to tell his momma he loves her.


 - The WOLACO Team


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