HBFIT x WOLACO: 5 Workout Classes in NY that Men Shouldn't Be Intimidated By

Posted on November 18 2016

Today, we want to introduce you to the women of HBFIT, a health, fitness, and lifestyle brand here in NYC. As part of our collaboration with the awesome and talented team of gals at HBFIT, we're doing a content swap this week. Today, they talk about some of the workouts most dudes aren't doing right now, but probably should be. Feel free to swing by their website to check out our piece. And follow them on Instagram immediately. Enjoy... 


NYC is filled with boutique fitness studios and innovative classes that challenge your body in different ways, so why leave all the fun to the girls? So many fitness classes are beneficial to guys, but most men seem to be intimidated by taking a group class that may seem “girly.” If you’re looking to change up your regular gym routine, check out these classes that men tend to stay away from. You’ll completely change your mind and probably even book a second class!

Indoor Cycling

You might complain when your girlfriend drags you to spin class on Sunday morning, but you can’t deny how great of a workout it is. For some reason, indoor cycling has taken on “girly” stereotypes, but spinning is an amazing workout for both girls and guys. If you need to incorporate some cardio into your fitness routine but hate the treadmill, check out a spin class. You’ll engage your core, work your legs harder than ever, jam out to a great playlist, and leave drenched in sweat.


Pilates/ Reformer

No core workout in this city will make your abs burn quite like the reformer does. If you think pilates is a “lighter” or “easier” workout than other strength workouts, think again. Pilates reformer classes will tone every muscle in your body by using the cables, bars, and straps of the machine to tone your arms, abs, and legs. Don’t let the machine scare you. With the right form and some patience, you’ll catch on quickly and get a crazy effective workout.



The benefits of yoga are endless, and so many of them are important for guys. If your muscles are tight or you need some extra mobility or flexibility, yoga will do magic for you. Plus, the stretching and breathing in yoga will make you feel awesome and will help prevent injuries in your current fitness routine. You don’t have to be super bendy or flexible to do yoga. Just show up and enjoy the flow. No yoga pants required!



Rowing isn’t as popular as running or spinning, but this cardio workout is just as intense. These classes are blowing up around the city because rowing is a low-impact, full-body sweat session. If you’re one of those guys who lifts weights in the gym and neglects cardio, we highly recommend trying out a rowing class. Rowing uses almost every muscle in your body while testing your endurance. The classes are perfectly suitable for beginners too,  so don’t worry if you’ve never used a rowing machine before.



You know you want to try it. Trampoline classes can be found at boutique fitness studios all around the city because they’re so much fun and super effective. These classes are high cardio, high adrenaline, and low impact. Plus, the class flies by because you’re having such a great time doing it. Don’t knock it til you try it. You’ll be surprised how much you can sweat by jumping on a trampoline.

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