#OneMinuteMan: Should You Crush Coffee Before Your Morning Workout?

September 19, 2016 1 Comment

The short answer is yes. The longer answer is yeah, but ya gotta time it up right and hydrate. 

30-40 minutes before you work out, ideally, that's when you should finish your joe. This a) gives you enough time to take a leak/ dump, and b) means you'll be at your most caffeinated point when you start your pump (30-75 minutes after consumption).

Good rule of thumb: For every cup of joe down a bottle of water (12 ounces).

But why is being caffeinated while breaking a sweat a good thing?

Because Science. Caffeine’s a stimulant that perks up the central nervous system and the heart, which makes your mind and body push harder during exercise. Hence the huge demand from your meathead buddies for ridiculously caffeinated products like N.O.-XPLODE.

Caffeine also ups the release of neurotransmitters—dopamine, ever heard of it?—which makes you happier and more likely to wanna crush your workout.

Not as pertinent... but studies show that caffeinating before your workout can also curb your appetite for the rest of the day. Less snacking, more productivity. Probably a good thing.

PS—Not an endorsement of reckless caffeine consumption. You wanna limit it to 1-3 cups a day. Dudes who drink 4+ cups of coffee a day have a 56% increased risk of death. Just saying, caffeinate yourself accordingly.

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Charley Hayes
Charley Hayes

September 29, 2016

Nice Office Space refence via the picture

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