#OneMinuteMan: Why compression gear matters (and why we make it better than anyone else).

Posted on October 24 2016

About time we wrote a piece about this.

A few weeks back, while we were selling product at a pop-up event in Boston, a guy asked us a good question. What are the core benefits of compression shorts?, he asked us. How is it actually effective? 

A very reasonable question. But it rattled us at first. The question caught us off-guard.

We thought the merits of compression shorts simply went without saying. That somehow, instinctively, every dude in the world knows how compression gear functions. Knows what it does. Why it works.

Then it hit us. We claim (because we truly believe) that we make the world’s best compression shorts and pants. And yet...we’ve never properly communicated how or why that’s the case.

So let’s get into it. Let’s talk about the science of compression gear.


The basic concept behind compression gear: When you apply pressure to a specific body part, it compresses the muscle tissue, thereby promoting increased blood flow and preventing inflammation. 

How does that enhance athletic performance?

Our muscles need oxygen for optimal performance. Improved blood flow leads to more oxygen. To completely oversimplify this: Enhanced blood flow = More oxygen to your muscles = Better athletic performance. 

A recent study showed that those who wore compression during a 40-minute workout experienced a Tissue Oxygen Index that was 24% higher than those who did not. 



This is where researchers believe the lion's share of benefits from wearing compression gear lie.  

By increasing blood circulation and promoting venous return to the heart, compression gear helps remove blood lactate.

It's almost like getting a no-hands massage after your workout. The compression squeezes the muscles and helps flush out exercise-induced biochemicals. This has the effect of reducing fatigue and soreness, ensuring your muscles are fresher, better prepared for your next training session.

For a lot of athletes, wearing compression gear for recovery  is right up there with stretching, rolling out, and taking an ice bath. In fact, some believe compression is a better, more efficient healer than icing. 

Injury Prevention

Before anything else, compression gear helps with preparing the muscles to perform. By compressing the muscles and increasing blood flow, compression promotes a faster warm-up. (Not to mention, compression also prevents blood pooling and clotting, which, in its most extreme cases, can lead to deep vein thrombosis).

Additionally, compression gear enhances proprioception (someone's sense of how the body is positioned in space). By keeping muscles in place, compression helps reduce damage, fatigue, and muscle oscillation for a stronger athletic performance. 

We make it better and smarter

The degree to which compression gear can enhance the quality of your active life depends largely on the quality of your compression shorts. And the truth is, most compression shorts suck. They're made with a margin-conscious design—which is to say, they're made in China with frail, flimsy fabric, and do little more than keep your manhood in place (and occasionally serve as substitutes for boxers on laundry day).

That's why we created The North Moore Short. We wanted to treat compression shorts as gear. Not as glorified, moisture-wicking underwear.

Crafted using durable fabrics with built-in performance capabilities, a waistband that will never lose its form, and made right here in the USA, our compression gear is 40% tougher than what you'll find elsewhere. It's built strong to promote a powerful performance and a fast recovery. 

The 4-Way-Stretch construction of our fabric combined with a meticulous attention to the details has produced a perfect, ergonomic fit. In other words, our gear will not sag, rip, chafe, or ride up. 

And we create all of our gear with Dry Fit Fabrics. That means your thighs and hammys (and all your belongings) will stay dry, strong, and secure, even during the hardiest and sweatiest of workouts. 

And of course, we introduced game-changing functionality to the compression world. Built with two sweat-proof pockets—one for your phone, the other for your keys, cash, and credit card—our compression gear will forever change the way your approach your workouts. 

So what are you waiting for? Get the shorts. Do it up. 


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