These Compression Shorts Will Change The Way You Work Out Forever

October 27, 2016

Making armbands, fitness belts, and worrying about losing your stuff while working out, history.

You want to stop worrying about your stuff when you’re working out. We know you do. But there’s no good option for stashing your goods while breaking a sweat. The armband is obnoxious and the fitness belt’s a glorified fanny pack.

Which leaves you with just one other choice: Running with your phone in your hand and your cash stuffed into your sock.

And then there was the North Moore Short. The most liberating compression short you’ll ever own.

"After returning from another long day at the office, I left my NYC apartment to go for a run. Literally the only 30 minutes I could actually find time to blow off some steam. Running with my phone in my hand and my key tucked into my sock, I made a decision," says Terry White, former captain of the Harvard lacrosse team who worked in Real Estate at the time. "I’m creating the best compression short in the world to solve this problem forever."

So that’s what he did. He immediately began prototyping the North Moore Short. After pre-sales with family and friends, the entrepreneur launched his product on Kickstarter. The campaign crushed it, soaring past his initial goal by 400%.

Built with two sweat-proof pockets—one for your phone, the other for your cash, keys, and credit cards—the North Moore Short has changed
the compression gear game. The short of it is: Running armbands, fitness belts, and any sort of strap or pack are now irrelevant.  

Reinventing men’s compression shorts

Truth is, most compression shorts suck. They're made with a margin-conscious design. Which is to say, they're made in China with frail, cheapjack fabric, and end up doing little more than keeping your manhood in place (and occasionally serving as substitutes for boxers on laundry day).

We wanted to treat compression shorts as true performance gear. Not as sweat-wicking underwear.

In short, we wanted to create the best compression short of all time. 

Premium fabrics

Crafted using durable fabrics with built-in performance capabilities, a waistband that will never lose its form, and made right here in the USA, our compression gear is 40% tougher than what you'll find elsewhere. It's built strong to endure harsh workouts and limitless laundry cycles. Built to last.

Two sweat-proof compressive pockets

We’re the first ones to put sweat-proof pockets on compression shorts. And we’re the best at it.

One media pocket to keep your smartphone tight and secure for jostle-free exercising. Securely fits all smartphones, including the Android and 6/7 Plus.

And one sweat-proof auxiliary pocket to ensure your cash won’t wilt and your keys won’t rust. Made with a reinforced velcro fastener so your goods won’t spew onto the street.

Smart design

The 4-Way-Stretch construction of our fabric combined with a meticulous attention to the details has produced a perfect, ergonomic fit. In other words, our gear will not sag, rip, chafe, or ride up.

That means a few things. You are now free to sprint, squat, side-step, bear-crawl, jump over cabs, knowing full well that you and your goods will remain safe and secure.

For the sweat monster

We create all of our gear with Dry Fit Fabrics. That means your thighs and hammys (and your belongings) will stay dry, strong, and secure during the hardiest and sweatiest of workouts.

So what are you waiting for?

Get the damn shorts. They’re all awesome, but these happen to be this month’s top pick: The Broadway Blues.

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