NEW: Spring Short (ships week of 9/28)

NEW: Spring Short (ships week of 9/28)

Sometimes you just need to go FAST.

The infinity elastic waistband and super lightweight short material make this silhouette the most sleek short we’ve engineered to date. With a single sweat-proof hip pocket you can securely stash your belongings. The SPRING short is finished with a silicone WOLACO print on the hip and it’s understated colors and minimal branding make it perfect for matching loud running shoes and socks.

Best paired with: 6” North Moore Short and no shirt

The details: A 5" or 7" inseam that hits high thigh. A fabric that is almost half the weight of the WARREN short. The SPRING short is a 96% Polyester, 4% Spandex Blend.

The story: We find inspiration in the streets of new york city. We decide at a moments notice to turn left or right on a run, seeking what we need in each neighborhood. Calmness and tranquility in TriBeCa, water and wind on the West Side Highway bordering the Hudson River, chaos and vibrant color in Chinatown, and fashion inspiration from the window displays and streetstyle in Soho. 

Spring Street spans 1 mile from the west side through the heart of Soho, touching Nolita, and ending in the Bowery. For many these are just names of neighborhoods but for us it’s the roadmap for a FAST and inspiring run. Dodging cars and cabbies, racing bicyclists and delivery drivers, never stopping at a yellow light and making sure every step is intentional. This isn’t a leisurely training run - it’s a footrace against yourself and the city. That’s why we made the Spring Short. A short built for the streets, a short meant to go fast. 

The Spring Short

The ultra-lightweight running short.