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Problem solved for every guy who has ever worked out carrying an iPhone

WOLACO, an innovative men’s short launched on Kickstarter, evolves into a premium fitness brand.

NEW YORK, NY, (08/01/17)  – These shorts will probably make you say, “Wait, how didn’t this already exist?” WOLACO's overwhelmingly successful Kickstarter campaign launched 3 years ago, and Harvard lacrosse alumnus Terry White has not looked back.

Carrying a phone during exercise should be effortless, and keeping your valuables safe and dry should be an option. The two pockets in the North Moore Short solve both of those problems. The Media Pocket, perfectly placed on the hip, provides an unnoticeable slip for your cell phone, and the Auxiliary Pocket gives you the option to place your keys, cash or other necessities in an easy to access spot on the opposite thigh. Both pockets are made with waterproof fabric, so you can work as hard as you want and your phone will stay dry.

“There’s a type of guy who works incredibly hard to be the best version of himself. He looks for efficiency where he can, and takes his time on things that count. He cares about the impression he leaves on people around him,” says Terry White. “We’re making clothes for that guy.”

WOLACO's first product, The North Moore Short, is named after the street in TriBeCa where the original concept was born. These shorts have served as a wedge for the young brand as it has gathered some footing in the highly competitive fitness apparel space. In fact, the stability of the North Moore Short allows the design team to find near-perfection before unveiling new products such as the High Line Hood and Fulton .75.

In addition to being highly practical, WOLACO's line of ever-expanding products is also handsome. “There is a fine line between understated and bland. We’re looking to stay far from bland; a unique hybrid of loud yet conservative,” says Terry. "Our focus is function-first, once we nail down the perfect fit, we make sure our products inspire confidence inside and out."

WOLACO intentionally sources premium materials and labor for its supply chain. The compression spandex is imported Italian fabric, and all of the manufacturing takes place in the USA.

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WOLACO is a brand driven to create value for high-performance men. Pulling premium, form, and function together in a unique way, WOLACO aims to become the premier fitness brand.

The brand’s mission is to support, motivate and facilitate the lifestyle of wellness and fitness in men worldwide. Their work aspires to capture the ethos of the modern man; clean, intentional, and motivated. For more information on the company please visit

About the Founder

CEO and Founder Terry White of Summit, New Jersey, set out to build WOLACO’s foundation with a lifestyle focus. White, a standout lacrosse player at Harvard University, grew up playing multiple sports and has attributed his success thus far to the discipline learned playing in and preparing for all kinds of athletic pursuits.

It was while living and working in New York City that Terry realized the need for increased functionality in his performance apparel and drew up the first sketches of the North Moore short.

The rest, as they say, is history.