WOLACO is partnering with HEX Performance!


While we've been making it easier to get as sweaty as possible by making products that encourage (and can withstand) the most grueling workouts, HEX has developed a product that keeps your North Moore Shorts fresh! We aren't entirely sure what kind of magic chemical alchemy is going on, but we certainly aren't complaining. The detergent works, 100%.


So, we're including HEX samples in every order until our stash of it runs out! Think about it, your next WOLACO order basically cleans itself!


Get to the Shop, grab some gear, and give them both a test run (get it, because, fitness?)! And go check out HEX's website, the story behind their success is very interesting - we definitely recommend some quick reading on their blog! Soon your laundry bins are going to look like this one!!