The North Moore Short: Rated “Best Running Shorts For Men” by Men’s Health

Further, faster, longer (and bring your phone)

Compression fabrics enhance your training by reducing inflammation and improving recovery. These shorts go the extra mile, so you can go the distance.

“The Best Running Shorts for Men”
“Great tights, complete with two bounce-free pockets to stash your cell, cards, keys, or whatever you need on the move.”
“Talk about POCKETS!”

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Best fitting shorts I’ve ever owned. Probably have over a dozen pairs now. Great for running on hot summer days.


They are the first compression shorts that stay put and don't ride down during my run. AND ... the sweat-proof pockets are AWESOME! I can actually carry my phone without worrying that I am ruining it by getting it wet.


Recently got my first pair of North Moore shorts. Mainly wear mine biking. Love everything about them. WILL be getting more.


Best compression gear I’ve owned. Quality fabric and construction and very durable. This may just be me… but I also feel sexier in Wolaco gear.


My wife bought me a couple pairs of the Moore Shorts and I love them. They have quickly become my favorite. I'm not a big pocket guy but the pockets on these are fantastic. I can put my phone in one and my my earbuds in the other. The material is a little thicker than other brands, which I like. They don’t creep up or down your leg either.


The water resistant pocket for my phone has been an absolute game changer for a lifelong runner like me. Can’t go without and will be buying more.


The North Moore Short IRL

The North Moore Short is engineered to inspire your personal best. Whether you’re running, hiking, lifting, or in a yoga studio, this short is your perfect companion.