The North Moore Short

 Compression apparel enhances your training 
 performance by improving blood flow, reducing 
 inflammation, and regulating muscle temperature. 

But this is WAYYY more than a compression short.

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“Talk about POCKETS.”
“Great tights, complete with two bounce-free pockets to stash your cell, cards, keys, or whatever you need on the move.”
“The Best Running Shorts for Men”

Pick Your Length,
Pick Your Color.

The North Moore Short is available in core and seasonal colors, so your activewear wardrobe stays fresh. Choose between a 6" and 9" inseam length for a compression short that’s uniquely yours.

The North Moore Short IRL

A must-have for athletes nationwide, the North Moore Short is engineered to inspire your new personal best. Whether you’re running, hiking, lifting, or in a yoga studio, the North Moore Short is your perfect companion.