Perfect and imperfect



A simple idea

45 minutes. That’s how much time Terry White, soon-to-be WOLACO founder, had for his daily workout. 45 minutes to release the day’s stress. But with keys in his sock and a phone bouncing in his shorts, he couldn’t focus. That frustration sparked an idea.

Creating The Solution

Terry spent 1.5 years designing, developing, and perfecting the North Moore Short. With sweat-proof pockets, this patented compression system changed the game.

A Way Of Life

From day 1, Terry’s vision has been to empower people to pursue an active way of life. Thus, WOLACO – Way of Life Athletic Company.



The Kickstart

With the North Moore short perfected, it was time to fund production. Absolutely terrified, Terry launched it on Kickstarter. But the WOLAFAM showed up, reaching our goal within 48 hours and exceeding funding by 400%.

USA Made

We searched almost every state in the US for a manufacturer that met our rigorous standards. In San Fernando, CA, we finally found the perfect partner.

Direct To The Wolafam

We wanted WOLACO to be a community, and selling direct to our customers is a big part of that. So we cut out the middle man and set up our e-commerce site.



Growing with intention

From creating new products to hiring new people, we’ve grown with intention. We use a relentless design and testing process to expand our product offerings. Slowly, we introduced more compression shorts and broader activewear. We always say; if you’re going to do something, do it right.



Expanding the way of Life

2018 was the year of big moves. Driven by our mission of empowering people to pursue an active way of life, we launched new products, made a Podcast, and expanded retail. It was the culmination of years of research, design, and development.

Wolaco For Women

Finally expanding the WOLAFAM. We took the time to get it right, and created a lineup of gear that meets WOLACO’s highest standards, now tailored just for women.

The Clubhouse

We built out the perfect showroom-officecombo in Tribeca – the area where this brand originally started. It felt like coming home and a new beginning, all at once.



A never ending pursuit

We don’t pretend to know what the future will bring. After all, we’ve always been more interested in the journey than the finish line. But we do know two things.

True To The Mission

We’ll always create innovative, efficient performance apparel that empowers the pursuit of an active way of life.

True To You

From the products we create to the moves we make, we’ll always put you, the WOLAFAM, first.


Our Core

Our way of thinking and approach to developing products.

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