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Founding Story:

With just 40 minutes to squeeze in a run after work, WOLACO founder Terry White reached a tipping point. The pre-workout checklist had grown too long – keys, credit card, phone, and headphones – he was fed up with the “process.” As a former athlete, those 40 minutes were his time to release – to let go for the day – and he was being held back.

With the final straw drawn and a cliché conversation with roommates in a cramped NYC apartment, an idea for a solution was born. The idea, soon to be named the North Moore Short, was an all-in-one answer for carrying keys, a phone, and cash in the form of an undergarment. But for Terry, a former division 1 athlete, this wouldn’t be some tacky, utilitarian product. This needed to function, and function well. It also had to meet the style standards that come with living in the fashion capital of the world.

12 prototypes later, a round of internal sales, and a successful Kickstarter campaign in the books – WOLACO is taking the next step into the apparel space. With North Moore Short version 2.0 hitting the shelves in mid-April 2015, the team looks to push forward and continue their momentum into the warmer spring days. WOLACO expects to release new products this summer.   

The Brand Mission:

Our mission is to deliver fitness apparel that innovates in design and function. Constantly disrupting the status quo – we strive to inspire a higher quality of life through active living. 

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About the Founders:

Brothers Terry and Alex White were both standout lacrosse players at Delbarton School in New Jersey, they each continued on to play the sport at Harvard. Terry recently left his job in the corporate world to pursue WOLACO full time. Alex is aiding Terry with the business part-time while he pursues medical school. Both Terry and Alex are committed to maintaining the active habits that they developed during a lifetime of competitive athletics. 

From the Founders:

“We’ve worn the shorts in marathons, we’ve tested them with elite athletes, and every time the North Moore Short has stood up to the test.”

“There’s a type of guy who works incredibly hard to be the best version of himself. He looks for efficiency where he can, and takes his time on things that count. He cares about the impression he leaves on people around him. We’re making clothes for that guy.”

“We aspire to capture the ethos of the modern man; clean, intentional, and motivated.”

“There’s a fine line between understated and bland. We’re looking to stay far from bland – a unique hybrid of loud yet conservative.”

“Carrying an iPhone during exercise should be effortless, and keeping your valuables safe and dry should be an option.”

“We’ve always paved our own path. From a cramped NYC apartment to a successful kickstarter campaign, we took a novel idea and forged it with creativity and passion. We push forward – beyond barriers and over obstacles – to provide superiorly crafted and handsome apparel to those who demand more in their active lives, just like we did.”

Important Notes:

Twitter: WolaCo

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Facebook Page:  Way of Life Athletic

Kickstarter Campaign: The North Moore Short

Contact Email:

Contact Phone Number: 908-358-2356

Product Images:

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