Spring Short - 7" Inseam

Spring Short - 7" Inseam

Spring Short - 7" Inseam

10,000 Hours
At WOLACO, we believe in intentional design. So we spent over 10,000 hours creating the most efficient compression pants. No details were spared. We even had to invent the very first sweat-proof pockets.
WOLACO's Secret? Do one thing, and do it better than everyone else

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Creating a better way
WOLACO founder Terry White wanted compression shorts that could do more for him. With only a daily 45-minute run to relieve the day's stress, he couldn't focus with a phone in his hand and keys bouncing in his pocket.

That frustration sparked an idea of a simple solution with high tech design and fabrics. The first sweat-proof pocket was born.

Every product we develop exists because we think it could be done better. We focus on the details so you can focus on your workout.


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