The Roster Program


As a company built by a group of lifelong athletes, we believe in the power of team. We’ve seen, time and time again, that the old cliche holds true—you only go as far as the team goes.

We started The Roster because we believe that when you bring together a group of passionate and influential people, everyone benefits.

So far, the team consists of guys from a wide-range of active backgrounds and professions, but each guy shares a few core values: He works hard. He craves challenges. He pursues his passions. And, above all, he leads an epic life through active living.

We hope this community can be a source of motivation and collaboration for all the guys on The Roster.

What you can expect from the WOLACO Team:

    • Product care-package 2X annually (minimum) from our existing inventory including: top and bottom + occasional prototypes for your testing and feedback
    • Access to a great network and community of high character and high energy guys and invites to exclusive WOLACO events
    • A personal discount code for 20% OFF all WOLACO products to share with your friends and family
    • Content collaboration on our blog and corresponding newsletter blast
    • Potential for affiliate sales compensation

What WOLACO asks of our ambassadors:

  • Social posts featuring our products and re-posting of our brand content when relevant, 2-4 times/month
  • Contribute relevant product feedback and collaboration ideas to the WOLACO team
  • Word of mouth marketing for WOLACO in your community

    Find us on the following social networks and invite your online community to follow us:

    INSTAGRAM - @wolaco

    TWITTER - @wolaco