One fall evening, while running the streets of Manhattan with his key tucked into his sock and phone bouncing around in his short pocket, founder Terry White could only hope he’d return with everything he left with. His workout was a time to release - to let go of deadlines and formalities. It didn’t feel right to be worrying, or even thinking, about how to protect his valuables. Then, after one of those cliche conversations with his roommates in a dark and cramped NYC apartment, an idea for a solution was born.

After numerous iterations and seemingly endless trial and error, an original product was finally conceived. The North Moore Short quite literally represents our blood, sweat and tears.

An idea quickly turned into early pre-sales with friends and athletes, which ultimately led to a successful Kickstarter campaign where we exceeded our fundraising goal by 400%. 

We took an idea and forged it with creativity and our passion for a lifestyle. Our Story is ever-evolving and will continue to be shaped by the people that inspire us, the experiences we have and the places that we travel.