WolaCo Brand Story and Vision

WolaCo - Way of Life Athletic Company

WolaCo exists to inspire a higher quality of life through active living. We sincerely believe in the profound benefits of living an active and healthy lifestyle. Live life passionately.           

The WolaCo Story

Founder Terry White and his brother Alex played division I lacrosse at Harvard University. Originally a concept conceived in college, Terry ultimately acted on his desire for greater functionality in his fitness apparel when he first moved to NYC. In college, both brothers were consistently frustrated by the inability to carry a music device during their offseason workouts. Box jumps, sprints, shooting sessions, and everything in between made this exceedingly difficult. The only semblance of a solution was the armband, which was more of a nuisance than it was a convenience. So they designed a solution.

WOLACO’s first product, the North Moore Short, was originally sketched in 2012. Multiple prototypes led the company to a product of simple, yet bold, design. With multiple athletic friends, the brothers tested the shorts relentlessly. The feedback was tremendous, and they officially launched the shorts for sale in June of 2014.

Founded on a simple concept, WOLACO is a premium brand that uniquely combines form, style and function. The company delivers quality fitness apparel for the modern, high-performance man.


We believe the future of health and fitness is a cultural progression. Standards are being elevated throughout the entire space. Healthy, active living is becoming more and seamlessly integrated with our day to day lives. WOLACO realizes this movement and is ready to make it cool.

Our original product is a simple solution to an age old problem.  By simplifying things, we have solved a problem that almost every athlete deals with on a regular basis. WOLACO aims to evolve from our original problem-solving product to be the premier men’s fitness apparel brand. Our uniquely functional first product, The North Moore Short, opens the door to an incredible growth opportunity in an emerging apparel space. 


Self-improvement, wellness, and motivation are all by-products of great purpose. We want to be the brand for active and motivated men. We ultimately strive to promote fitness and well-being in society - making an active life a sustainable one.

At WOLACO, we advocate for the guy who embraces his environment.

Founder’s Background:

Terry White is from Summit, NJ where he attended Delbarton School for high school. He is a recent Harvard College graduate where he played four years of varsity lacrosse.  Athletics have played a large part in Terry's life and in his personal development. After graduating college, Terry didn't want his active pursuit to fade away in the rear-view.

Terry’s desire to keep fitness a part of his life led to the creation of the very first North Moore Short. It wasn't long before he realized there was an opportunity for a premium men's brand in the fitness space.