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1. Because you CAN! (Even though you think you can't right now!)

- @sa.walsh


2. For those who can't.

- @tylerbatesko

3. September is a much better time to train than February. 

- @falbro143

4. To raise money for a good cause, stay in shape, and healthy for the brain! 

- @erniesaycheese

5. I run NYC to empower myself.  I also run to help the Achilles Foundation. 

- @aomarsmile

6. One of the first times in my life that I witnessed the most diverse crowd of people, all together - cheering - loving - supporting.  Reminded me of how great the human race truly can be!  BEST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE! 

- @curtisbrownphotography


7. Because you're fortunate enough to live in the greatest city in the world.  Celebrate it. 

- @rpnowack

8. Best way to explore all five boroughs of the world's greatest city. 

- @cferoleto134

9. Because we took "Go big or go home" seriously. 

- @theavclub

10. To be a part of the NY community. 

- @pitchtape

11. Best tour of the greatest city in the world. 

- @conorfflynn

12. To raise awareness and funds for City Harvest. 

- @dan_churchill

13. Best way to see NYC. 

- @theejohncampbell

14. Because you only race yourself. 

- @scar_zello

15. Feel the pulse of the pulse of the city.  Every borough gives you a different vibe and feel of the people that live there. 

- @m_piloto

16. It's a block party that spans the whole city...and you're the star! 

- @overtherainville

17. To experience the morning at Fort Wadsworth.  IYKYK. 

- @jrklein1

18. Because the silence on 59th street is only a sound that another NYC finisher marathon would understand. 

- @jrklein1

19. Because medal Monday in NYC is awesome and everyone wears their medal. 

- @jrklein1

20. The music in Harlem. 

- @jrklein1

21. The volunteers.

- @jrklein1

22. Because you've told people to run the NYC marathon but never ran yourself. 

- @jrklein1

23. Because the crowds on 1st Avenue. 

- @jrklein1

24. Because you'll never have another opportunity to run the Verrazano bridge. 

- @jrklein1

25. As a constant reminder we as humans can always be better. 

- @callum_cobb

26. To feel unstoppable! 

- @liz_huggins

27. Running it because of the insane NYC spirit and ambiance. 

- @m_keinath

28. If you can make it here you can make it anywhere. 

- @kpdx13

29. Because you have 26.2 miles worth of fans cheering you on. 

- @hchill127

30. To experience NYC come to life unlike you've ever felt before. 

- @j.aidanlynch

31. You'll never regret running it, but you might regret not. 

- @elizabethwaldvogel

32. 3 million strangers cheering you on. 

- @elizabethwaldvogel

33. Crossing the Verrazano Bridge to Frank Sinatra's New York, New York...it will move you! 

- @elizabethwaldvogel

34. You will accomplish something you never thought you were capable of doing. 

- @jmgallagher16


35. I ran it last year to raise awareness and money for zerocancer.org. 

- @jbatres1980

36. Prove to yourself that you are mentally and physically strong enough to complete anything. 

- @cgkfitness

37. It's time to live for yourself. 

- @sokhean

38. An excuse to miss work the next day. 

- @tbdestination



39. To see all the best of NYC! 

- @kghennig

40. If a 101 yr old man can do it, so can you. 

- @lostwithsung


41. Your legs work. 

- @blakelythornton

42. Represent your city. 

- @moomonkey800

43. What other reason do you have to visit Staten Island? 

- @samird

44. The beers at the end. 

- @deisnuts

45. To challenge the mind more than the body. 

- @kenyo_

46. Because I'm tired of telling myself it's something I can't do. 

- @eatgaylove

47. Fundraising and awareness. 

- @lmweiner

48. To push your limits and raise awareness of Dup15q syndrome while doing it! 

- @jamesbordenjr

49. For a cause.  One near and dear to your heart. 

- @beezhus



50. Gotta show this city who's boss. 

- @caraps

51. For the chance to turn a challenge into an achievement. 

- @adamxdaleo

52. Because you get to high five strangers for hours straight. 

- @awhite225

53. Because I blew it last time. #redo 

- @thekevb

54. To show off my butt in WOLACO shorts!!! 

- @cgilbertrun



55. Because it's NYC. 

- @stl_jeff

56. I believe the term kids are using these days is "YOLO." 

- @johnhaesler


57. To raise funds and be a part of a cause larger than yourself (the pink agenda)

- @patrickefoley

58. To set a long term goal that requires focus and structure on the short term day-to-day plan. 

- @patrickefoley

59. Because a ridiculous supportive running club volunteers at Mile 21!! 

- @_ckmiles_

60. No better way to celebrate the greatest city in the world. 

- @s.amandac 

61. The entire city cheering you on!! and because you CAN!! 

- @s.amandac 

    #wolaco & #wolacowomen