Get to Know: The Fulton Compression Tights

Whether we like it or not, Fall is sneaking up on us. Our Fulton .75 and Full-Length compression are constructed from the same best-selling North Moore fabric and feature the same sweat-proof pockets. We just added some inches to the inseam to keep you warm so you can stay active outdoors for as long as you need to. 


Multi-Sport Functionality: Going hiking? Heading out for a run? Spending the day on the slopes? Maybe a bit of all three? The longer compression allows you to move swiftly from one activity to the next and the quick-drying fabric will help your body regulate its temperature from dawn to dusk.

Length OptionalityIf we've learned one thing - it's that a man's compression length is always personal to him. Whether you want to rock the .75 or full-length compression - we've got both for you to choose from.

Jostle-Free Pockets: You may love our compression because of the sweat-proof phone and auxiliary pocket features, but the die-hards know the best feature of the pocket is how tightly your add-ons stay to your hip. Slip your phone or AirPods into the pocket and you'll forget they're even there. Just don't forget to take them out before you throw your shorts in the wash. Trust us, it's been done.