Fueling AMBITION while loving the CLIMB

In this moment, we've never had more pressure to prove ourselves and have never had as much fun trying to do it. Next week will mark 3 years since the launch of our Kickstarter and while we've come so far this really is our window of time to press GO!

It's in this gravitational pull of day-to-day operations and long-term grand vision for the brand that we're finding a cadence.

  • There will always be fires to put out
  • There will always be obstacles to face
  • There will NEVER be another time in the history of the company like right now.

...and if it's OK with you guys we want to tell a story to help illustrate our point.

It's 4:14PM last Saturday, we're on a rooftop in Soho, and a IG push notification says @EricHinman has tagged @WOLACO in a photo...

You see Eric found WOLACO over three years ago. Before we launched our Kickstarter, before we had an email list, before we even really knew what we were doing. Somehow an elite triathlete from Syracuse, NY decide to invest $94.99 in two pairs of Generation I WOLACO compressions... the universe just works like that.

What's really cool about looking back at this e-mail is that our approach hasn't changed since the day we started the company. It's the human element in being able to talk to our customers like peers and not a corporate fulfillment center, a genuine curiosity for feedback, and a real appetite to build, all of that provides contentment. It's how you answer the same question over and over and over with the same enthusiasm, yes the iPhone 6+, I mean X will fit in the pocket ;)

It's reflecting on three years of relationships cultivated and the three years to come. It's the products iterated and those yet to be developed. It's the new markets reached and ones undiscovered, thats what will continue to fuel our ambition.

Much like Eric pointed out, when the rope gets tight, you climb. When you think about backing down, small steps create a path to the top.

Happy to report that 3 years in and we're having more fun than ever, well maybe not as much as Eric! If you haven't yet - please go check out his account. It would mean so much.


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