BE BETTER EP7: Hats. Graphic Tees. Joggers.

We asked the WOLAFAM "How Can We Be Better?" -- They answered, these are our responses. On this episode, we talk about new hats, hefty discounts, and cool Instagram handles.

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Questions Asked and Time Stamps: 


(13:00) - @shanongw, HAT STYLES

(16:01) - @simon.mcivor, FULTON FABRICS

(23:24) @giervoli, SHORTS WITH LINER

(27:56) @mattvanorden, FREE SWAG

(25:23) @elninobueno, DUAL TONE STYLES 

(31:09) @billykelly2332, JOGGER THOUGHTS

(38:00) @Brettjogstheworld, GRAPHIC TEES

(39:11) @mc_peterson,  WOLACO WEDNESDAY ABROAD 

(42:40) Tom Bass, LOGO PROBLEMS / SIZES

(46:37) @jrmaier92, PRIDE DESIGN