BE BETTER EP8: WOLAFAM. Distance Shorts. New Products.

We asked the WOLAFAM "How Can We Be Better?" -- They answered, these are our responses. On this episode, we talk about an upcoming evening  WOLACO Wednesday, address some sizing issues, and discuss what we are looking for in our ambassadors.

 Join our Ambassadors program here:

WOLACO Wednesday Sign-up:


Questions Asked and Time Stamps: 


(2:50) hburchenal - Sizing 

(4:20) doyenko - Backpack Coverage

(5:30) bradleyb0923 - More Smalls

(6:52) brandonshamy - Pride Logo

(10:22) kaitlinam - WOLAFAM 

(12:30) hemolytic_anemia - New Product Announcements

(14:08) felix_gs5 - Distance Short 

(17:23) howiefigawi - Brand Ambassadors

(19:12) lindiehop - International Shipping

(19:53) hemolytic_anemia - Washing Clothes

(23:30) July Evening WOLACO Wednesday

(25:12) Women's Announcement

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