We'd venture to say that 99% of our customer base doesn't know we're a team of nine. Six of them being part-time.

Kind of crazy right? We run a company that has done north of $1M in sales in over 50 countries. We have 37 product skus, we're launching a women's line, just finished renovations on our retail/office space, shot four epic videos and three photo shoots in the past two weeks, and if we're being honest, that's a very modest representation of everything happening right now.

"What's the secret? How do we do it? Why do we do it? Who's doing it?!"


The answer resides in our roots on North Moore street in TriBeca. Not so long ago we adopted the saying "Do Moore", not our strongest piece of copy writing but it gets the point across! We quickly realized that in order to survive we needed to DO MOORE with LESS. In order to put forth every dollar into the development and quality of our products, along with US manufacturing, we'd have to find scrappy ways to effectively build every other arm of the business. So without any sizable investment or venture capital we stopped being fancy, we stopped being romantic, we doubled down on people and went all-in on relationship building. No PR agency, no high profile photographer, no bi-coastal launch party, no national influencer campaign, no swag bags, no fluff. We had to put laser focus into two things:

  1. Build the best compression made and manufactured in the USA.
  2. Build a brand that is undeniably authentic.

That's it. That's our commitment to you and to ourselves. Forever. To continue innovating and creating products that help you be a more effective human. We're moving fast, we're learning, we're iterating and we're so incredibly thankful that we have a community that's invested in us and in the product we've built together. We're extremely appreciative of every DM, every piece of feedback, every like, share, purchase, and return. It's all a part of the process -- one that we're committed to and trust.

So who's doing the work? Great question.

Lots of friends, and friends of friends, and our founder's mom, and colleagues of friends who have an appetite for building something and want to flex a muscle or part of their brain for a company they believe in. Most importantly people we believe in and trust.

So if you've made it this far, then get on board with one of the two options below, it would mean so much to us.


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