Coming From a Place of Purpose

We’ve been having lots of conversations at WOLACO HQ lately about what makes us different. Whether we’re pitching the business to potential investors or trying to explain to friends and family what we do for a living, the question often comes up in one of two forms.

  1. What makes you different from Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour?
  2. This space is so crowded what makes you different?

 It’s a fun one for us, and we’ll never get tired of answering it, so here’s the truth…

As athletes who wore the big brands our entire life, it wasn’t until we stepped off the field that we realized those brands weren’t made for us anymore.

They spoke directly to the field sport athlete, and they hero’d the professional athlete, we were now neither.

Moving into the world of a professional career had us playing a much different game, the game of life and business. What came with that was a new set of demands and expectations. Those new expectations and demands ultimately helped us identify a void in the market and that's why we created the North Moore Short.

Our ambition was now to become the best version of ourselves, not a professional athlete with a Nike contract.

Our expectation for quality had rose but the brands we knew didn’t rise with us. It’s our truth as a brand.

As consumers continue to be more conscious of their purchases and the brands they choose to spend their money with, we’re confident they’ll seek brands that better understand them, their mindset, and their needs. We exist to service those who want a brand that speaks to them at eye level, a brand that provides a product of superior quality not one to be mass produced.

But here's the kicker… we’re not the only ones who are catching on to this, and that's where the second question comes in. As the active apparel space gets more and more crowded every day we have no reservations that there will be plenty of businesses that manufacturer moisture wicking material and stretch garments.

Here's why we're different, while many of them are coming for the market opportunity few will come from a real place of purpose.

That place of purpose is what makes us different, it's in our DNA. It’s why we’re called Way of Life Athletic Co. We’re here to facilitate through practice and product your active way of life in all its forms. 

That connection with a mindset and you the community will ultimately allow us to cut through the noise and build brand that was intended for this generation.

That's our hope, that's our truth, and we're so grateful to have you be apart of it.