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Thursday, June 23rd, 2016. Golden hour. A group of 50+ men and women are running through the streets of Manhattan. Most of them are wearing nothing but WOLACO compression. Maybe this wouldn’t surprise you now, but back then, it was a scene. 

...that was our inaugural Feelin’ Nuts Run. This year we’re going to go bigger than ever, for the right reason. To raise awareness for the fight against Testicular Cancer, especially in males ages 18-40.

At the core of our brand, we’re obsessed with human potential. We want to incorporate daily practices that enrich our lives, create space for the movement that suits us, and allow ourselves to achieve exactly what we want in life.  

We put this run together for the family over at the Sean Kimerling Testicular Cancer Foundation because they’re fighting one of the hardest fights around – destigmatizing a topic near and dear to the WOLACO heart. 

Sean Kimerling, a WPIX 11 sports anchor and announcer for the NY Mets, was an active NYC man. He lived unapologetically. He touched the lives of those near and far. He meant the world to his family, friends, and viewers (he even won an Emmy for his broadcasts on WPIX 11).  However, in 2002, Sean felt a pain in his one of his testicles that was written off as nothing and experienced back pain that was mistreated as a kidney infection. A year later, he was diagnosed with Stage 4 Testicular Cancer, and he passed away not even a month after his diagnosis.

We organized Feelin’ Nuts because we felt a unique connection to the cause, to raise awareness about the most common cancer to plague males ages 18-40. 

We hope you’ll join us (and bring your friends) for our third ever Feelin’ Nuts Run on Thursday, August 22nd, 2019. We’ll begin with showroom hours at HQ at 6 PM (for you to pick up a pair of compression if you haven’t yet - 15% of all purchases will go back to the SK foundation!), begin the run at 6:30 and let it all hang loose as we run a quick 2.5 miles around the TriBeCa neighborhood. The event will finish with an optional hour to mingle over drinks and grub at Warren 77. 

To benefit the Sean Kimmerling Foundation and his Way of Life, we’d love to have you join us this Thursday as we run into the golden light of Manhattan once again!




Written by: Anne Kramer

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