Endurance Athlete Rob Dalto

Rob Dalto runs over 2,000 miles a year so he knows his training gear. Since he’s been recording, he has run over 25,000 miles - that’s a full lap around the Earth! Read more about Rob and his story.

Endurance athelete Rob Dalto running in Wolaco gear
Rob is wearing the Distance Half Tight in Lava

What does living an athletic way of life mean to you?

It means aligning your values and your energy. Over the years finding time to be active has been a daily staple, and that should align with other priorities like socializing, spending time with friends, even meeting new people. So, living an athletic way of life looks to me like participating in run clubs, going to group fitness events, and finding ways to blur the lines between my workout and my lifestyle; they are one and the same.

Tell us about your athletic background, how you got into endurance sports and running specifically?

I grew up playing baseball, then joined the cross country team in high school. I barely made varsity in High School, but fell in love with the process of building towards a goal that wasn’t achievable at the start of a season. There was a time where I’d laugh if you asked if I would ever run a marathon…but 20 marathons later, here we are.

You’re running in all six world marathon majors this year? Where are they? How’s it going?

The six races, in order, are Tokyo, Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago, and New York. They happen in the spring and fall. The three spring races occur over a 7 week period and the fall races over a six week period. It is an incredible experience, the energy at an Abbott World Marathon Major event is unlike other races. The experience is energizing and nerve wracking at the same time. You have to train and approach these two “seasons” of races vs. doing just one race, it’s unlike anything I’ve ever done.

Endurance athlete Rob Dalto wearing Wolaco
Rob is wearing the Distance Half Tight in Lava

What inspired you to take on such a feat?

This year is really the byproduct of a deeply meaningful journey for me. In 2017 my dad was diagnosed with cancer. Running had for years been a way that my family bonded together, and when he was diagnosed my sister and I decided we would complete all the World Marathon Majors together in his honor. We had already run NYC and Chicago together, next up was Berlin in 2019, my dad had a ticket booked to the race, it was a mental finish line for him and a reason to fight. Unfortunately he didn’t make it to Berlin, so that began our journey running in his honor. Heading into 2023 we had to complete Tokyo and London to complete our lap of the six majors, so we both signed up. In the process I had qualified for Boston & Chicago and did the 9+1 program to gain entry into NYC. At that point I decided to do Berlin and do all six in one calendar year, known as an #abbottslam. There are probably ~20 people in the world completing the slam this year. So, this journey is really a byproduct of remembering and honoring my dads life. I hope to bring awareness to early detection of cancer and other illnesses by taking the time to get an annual physical.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

You only get what you give. Don’t expect anything you haven’t put more than your fair share into.

Distance Half Tight in Lava

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